Burmans Specialty Pharmacy Awarded for Making HCV Drugs Accessible

Burmans Specialty Pharmacy Awarded for Making HCV Drugs Accessible

pharmacyA five-decade leader in the field of pharmaceutical marketing and distributorship, Burmans Specialty Pharmacy, has announced that it is the first recipient of the “Shaping Healthcare Delivery” award at the recently-concluded annual AmerisourceBergen’s ThinkLive conference last week, held from October 7 to 8. This new award recognizes the company’s efforts in making treatment for Hepatitis C more accessible, by collaborating with drug wholesale company AmerisourceBergen. Burmans’ work has also enhanced the role of healthcare providers, pharmacists and customer service representatives in the mission to provide HCV patients with quality, personalized care.

The annual ThinkLive meeting brings together the Big Three wholesaler’s manufacturer partners to pool resources for the benefit of affiliate drug manufacturers who are seeking collaborative opportunities with over 300 fellow emerging developers and industry leaders.

“We are honored that AmerisourceBergen has selected us as the first Shaping Healthcare Delivery award winner,” said Steve Burman, President and CEO of Burmans. “They have been a critical partner in our effort to better treatment access to this patient population. … Our Hepatitis C specialized pharmacy services were specifically designed with a patient-first approach with the goal of supporting patients and physicians throughout the treatment process, while working toward improving outcomes.”

Aside from a promising focus on products against HCV, Burmans is also constantly working on solutions to other global health concerns such as haemophilia, multiple sclerosis, cancer-related complications, and growth hormone deficiencies, to name a few.

In other hepatitis news, a group of investigators from the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health are predicting HCV to soon be classified as a rare disease come the year 2036. This prediction comes after a digital analysis of the disease’s trend.

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