Harbor Village Center Advocates for Syringe Exchange Programs to Reduce HCV/HIV Spread

Harbor Village Center Advocates for Syringe Exchange Programs to Reduce HCV/HIV Spread

Harbor VillageDrug addiction is a national concern that has driven an increase in syringe exchange programs dedicated to providing safer practices, and reduce the spread of infectious diseases, such as hepatitis C or HIV. However, the drug and alcohol detox center at Harbor Village Florida believes that there is a stigma associated with syringe exchange programs that is preventing the much-needed expansion of these services in Florida.

The Center at Harbor Village, along with other southern drug and alcohol detox centers, support these programs, as they protect drug addicts from communicable diseases until they willingly seek rehabilitative treatment. The only problem is, society, in general, tends to see the idea of a syringe exchange service as something that condones substance abuse. Others may even view the program as a sort of resignation to the idea of illegal drug use.

“There is an unfair stigma surrounding needle exchange programs,” stated a Harbor Village medical staff member. “People claim that these campaigns only endear drug users to continue abusing, but the reality of the world is that these people are addicted, they’re going to get high. And some of them aren’t going to look for rehabilitation care for a long time. It’s sad, but we have an obligation to protect them, and offer them programs enabling them to eliminate the chances of contracting AIDS.”

The government of Florida is evaluating the implementation of syringe exchange programs, which has already been delayed due to a ban on federal funding. “It just doesn’t make sense to me that other places don’t have this. We save lives every day,” said a pre-med student working on the thematic to Street Roots News.

“There is a perceived sense of encouragement of drug use when these programs are established, but Harbor Village argues for the continued erection of medical programs that seek to prevent severe diseases from spreading,” added the Center.

Harbor Village Florida advocates for the establishment of more resources dedicated to assisting the drug-using community – not as a show of support, but as a way to ensure safer practices, contain infectious diseases, and ultimately protect the general public.

The Center is located in South Florida, and is focused on treating drug and alcohol addition round the clock, seven days a week. Harbor Village Florida has committed itself to making rehabilitative healthcare as comfortable and less of an ordeal as possible by providing spa retreats, gourmet meals, private rooms, and luxury amenities, to enable recovery, self re-acclimation and adaption to a drug-free lifestyle.

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