Restaurant Group Highlights Foodborne Illness Detection with ‘Notorious Virus’ Campaign

Restaurant Group Highlights Foodborne Illness Detection with ‘Notorious Virus’ Campaign

The National Restaurant Association (NRA) recently announced this year’s initiative as part of its ongoing commitment to food safety: a campaign themed “Notorious Virus,” with the goal to raise awareness about how to protect against leading causes of foodborne illness, including pathogens like hepatitis A.

The timing of the campaign is linked to the fact that September is the National Food Safety Month (NFSM).

“Food safety and security is the top priority for America’s one million restaurants,” Sherman Brown, senior vice president of the NRA’s ServSafe food safety program, said in a press release. “With over 130 million meals served daily, learning how to detect and protect against foodborne illness is top of mind in the restaurant and food service industry. This September, we’ll provide the tools food service professionals need to protect themselves and their guests against foodborne illness.”

This year’s NFSM campaign will highlight the need for protection against some of the leading causes of foodborne illnesses – norovirus and hepatitis A. The NRA will focus on identifying the sources of these viruses and provide advice on how to detect and prevent the spread of foodborne illness through proper hand washing and cleaning procedures.

New training tools and resources will also be available at each week’s activities, including posters, videos, or infographics. Weekly themes are:

  1. Viruses – Know the Basics
  2. Norovirus
  3. Hepatitis A
  4. Stop the Spread
  5. Keep Your Guests Safe

This is the sixth consecutive year that SCA, the maker of the Tork – a brand of away-from-home professional hygiene products in North America – is sponsoring NFSM’s campaign. SCA’s Tork is a brand committed to working on food safety education and hygiene product solutions.

“We work diligently to promote best practices in restaurants and food service venues, helping our customers to understand the essential role that hygiene plays in food safety and healthy environments for our industry’s employees and patrons,” said Suzanne Cohen, marketing director of food service at SCA Americas.

NFSM has been held every year in September since 1994, when it was created by the NRA to raise awareness about the importance of food safety education. Included in the campaign is the association’s offer of free resources for food service industry professionals.

To follow the NFSM campaign on social media, join the conversation on Twitter, @ServSafe with the hashtag #FoodSafetyMonth.

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